International sourcing can be a very dangerous activity. Risks of non-shipment, poor quality products or problems to find the right product are the challenges that anyone will have to face when looking for a new supplier abroad.

Rabco has been successful to select and partner with world-class suppliers. Our knowledge and our reputation is a guarantee to be in touch with the best manufacturers and receive the best prices you can find on the market.

Our in-depth knowledge of products is also very much appreciated by our customers.

We know exactly what type of products can fit best with your production facilities. We are also proud of our close contact with our customers and our flexibility is widely appreciated by them and by our suppliers who acknowledge having with Rabco, a partner who is able to come up with creative logistic and financial solutions.

Moreover, Rabco handles the whole process of trading. Our skilled staff ensures that the commercial negotiations and the shipping documents are fulfilled with the strict respect of International rules.